Support for the EU increases in the Netherlands

Support for the European Union has grown over the last year in nine out of ten countries polled, according to survey by Pew Global, which has been reported today in the Dutch media today.

In the Netherlands, where there was speculation over a possible ‘Nexit’ prior to the March 15th general election, support for the European Union has grown from 51% to 64%.

On average 67% of European people surveyed see the Union in a positive light, with support highest in Poland (74%). However, the European Union remains very unpopular in Greece (33%).  Although the crisis there no longer commands headlines, the economic situation in Greece continues to deteriorate.

Despite widespread support for the European Union, three-quarters of respondents believed that Brussels should have less say over migration, while two-thirds thought that their own government should have the final say over immigration even from other European countries.

The poll, which was conducted by the American pollster Pew Global, interviewed 9935 people across 10 European countries.


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